Parents Bill of Rights

Parental Legal Rights for Child’s Education

Parent have the legal right to:

  • Make decisions for participation in reproductive health and safety education programs.
  • Seek exemptions from immunization requirements.
  • Review statewide standardized assessment results.
  • Request an evaluation of their child for identification as a child with a disability or as academically or intellectually gifted.
  • Inspect and purchase textbooks and other supplementary instructional materials.
  • Access information on promotion and retention, including high school graduation requirements.
  • Receive regular report cards that show academic performance, conduct, and attendance.
  • Access information on the State public education system.
  • Participate in parent-teacher organizations.
  • Opt-in to participation in protected student information surveys in accordance with State law and opt-out of data collection in other surveys in accordance with federal law.
  • Review available records of materials their child borrowed from a school library.