Monique Johnson

Monique L. Johnson is a fourth grade teacher at the Academy at Middle Fork. 

“My favorite thing about working at the Academy is the community/ family atmosphere! I LOVE the students and diversity that the Academy offers amongst the classes and class sizes. I LOVE the support of the administration and App State providing teachers with ample professional development, resources and community partnerships. This has been a tremendous strength in our staff as a whole with our professional growth. Also, I enjoy the opportunity to be heard and have an opportunity to share ideas and dreams. Lastly, I am simply honored to be in such a special place to see many of my teaching ideas or can I say ADVENTURES come to life!  LOL ... I just couldn't name one thing!”

Fun Fact: “I admire Debbie Allen. When I was a child I always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer and dancing on Broadway. Debbie Allen was the first African American female dancer I saw dancing on television on a TV show called Famed. Dance has always been a way of release throughout life. Unfortunately, my family could not afford to enroll me in professional dance classes when I was a child, but I continued to study her work and even presented a dance from her series in the eleventh grade. I admire her longevity, creativity and vision of dance. Mrs. Allen has demonstrated throughout her career greatness and overcoming obstacles in the dance industry. Debbie Allen is a true legend to me!”


  • B.A. in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in sociology, Winston Salem State University, 1997
  • B.A. in interdisciplinary studies of elementary education, with a minor in special education, Winston Salem State University, 2008

Licensure Areas

  • Elementary Education (K-6) 
  • Learning Disabled K-12
Title: Fourth Grade Teacher

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