Introducing Mini Yosef

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, Appalachian State's Academy at Middle Fork unveiled its new mascot, Mini Yosef. To celebrate, designer and creator Jim Fleri in Appalachian’s University Communications joined the school’s virtual morning meeting to teach the students how to draw their very own version of Mini Yosef.

Mini Yosef

Darron Daniels, the Academy’s Director of Student Affairs and Emergency Management, said, “We work to instill the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Kindness and Excellence (HIKE) across all areas of the Academy. Having a visual representation in the form of Mini Yosef is special, and I look forward to seeing how this will continue to influence our school‘s culture.”

Daniels also facilitates the morning meetings. He and the other teachers and administrators were greeted with a chorus of “good mornings” as the Academy’s eager students joined the Zoom session. 

Mini Yosef was then revealed as a gift for the students, who had been asked ahead of time to bring paper and pencils or crayons or markers to the meeting. Fleri then introduced himself and demonstrated how to draw Mini Yosef using a series of shapes - circles, ovals, and pieces of macaroni. 

Fleri demonstrates how to draw Mini Yosef via Zoom.Fleri demonstrates how to draw Mini Yosef via Zoom.

The students and teachers followed along, creating their own versions of Mini Yosef. Take a look at some of the amazing results!

Mini Yosef collage #1Mini Yosef collage #2Mini Yosef collage #3Mini Yosef collage #4Mini Yosef collage #5Mini Yosef drawings. All images submitted

Mini Yosef
Published: Oct 14, 2020 9:53am