Melanie Hicks-Lane

Staff Spotlight: Melanie Hicks-Lane
Aug 17, 2020

"Learning together" means that we each have a role to play and that our individual roles impact the overall success of our students. Melanie Hick...

Brent Macrow

Staff Spotlight: Brent Macrow
Jul 15, 2020

I feel like I am always "learning together" at the Academy. We do this in my classroom when I have the students participate in student-directed discus...

Alicia Kinzer

Staff Spotlight: Alicia Kinzer
Jun 4, 2020

Every day as a teacher, I'm teaching to the best of my ability to help prepare my students to live productively in any society.Alicia Kinzer, original...

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Advisory Board Meeting
May 26, 2020

The Middle Fork Advisory Board of Appalachian State University will meet virtually. The meeting will be held according to the following schedule:...

Kim Britt

Staff Spotlight: Kim Britt
May 12, 2020

Kim Britt, originally from Kernersville, North Carolina, earned a B.A. in science and birth-kindergarten education from Winston-Salem State University...

CJ Kernes, Rajanae Bethea, and Zoe Wilson with DaVonté McKenith

Black History Month 2020 Recap
Apr 21, 2020

During the month of February, the Appalachian State University Academy at Middle Fork celebrated Black History Month with guest speakers and special e...

Kori Trainor

Staff Spotlight: Kori Trainor
Apr 13, 2020

The Academy's curriculum is presented in a way that students have many opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas. This interactivity and colla...

Marla Cantrell

Staff Spotlight: Marla Cantrell
Mar 10, 2020

As the teacher, I hope to be introducing the students to new ideas, but I always let them know when they teach me something new, too!  I like to ...

Abigail Kirkman

Staff Spotlight: Abigail Kirkman
Feb 13, 2020

The Academy is making it known to the community that learning and a safe school environment are essential. The partnership with Appalachian State Univ...

Eded Tackett

Staff Spotlight: Eden Tackett
Jan 28, 2020

Learning together means collaboration. Collaboration between administration and teachers and assistants and students to do everything we can to help e...